How to Create Professional Video Without all the IT Crap & Ridiculous Price Gouging


  1. Are you wasting your time with IT crap like worrying about ‘having enough space for a project?
    Or whether or not something is backed up! Using the same tools that high end video teams have had access to for years will free up time, reduce risk (and stress!) and gets you back to creating amazing content.
  2. Do you spend MORE time SEARCHING for files than EDITING them?
    You are a video editor, not a librarian! Stop spending time digging through loads of files that are in a bunch of different places. Finding your video files should be easy the easiest part of your day, not a frustrating task that you dread.
  3. Why does storage for video teams seems to cost 5x more than it should?
    Hardware is easy, but vendors are still charging like it's hard. Heck you can buy a cheap NAS and load it up with SSDs and edit off it, right? You can't break the bank, but you still need a storage system designed for professional video editing, with support that understands why you need to backup 20TB on a weekly basis.

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