Platform + Dropbox = High-Performance Remote Video Workflows

Check out this video we created only using a Dropbox enabled Platform Space!

ProMAX Platform and Dropbox come together to provide the most efficient way to share video files even when your team is away from the office.

This is the product of Matt, our Marketing Manager and his alter ego "Jordan" collaborating on a video project sharing files strictly from a Dropbox Enabled Platform Space.
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

If you are a current Platform user looking to connect to Dropbox, or just want to see how simple it is to set-up. Click here to learn how to connect ProMAX Platform to Dropbox:

  • Easily Manage your Video Storage: Drag and Drop files between Platform and Dropbox
  • Deliver offsite projects faster: Don't wait for your film team to return with hard drives or memory cards. Upload and Retrieve files from your Dropbox enabled Platform Space anywhere with an internet connection.
  • No VPN or Additional Hardware Required: Never need a VPN or a physical hard drive to access your media. As long as your team has a Platform and a Dropbox Teams account, you're all connected.

Ready to connect your remote team? Speak to us about Dropbox Workflows

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