Platform + Dropbox + Your Smart Device = Mobile Remote Video Workflows

Check out this video we created only using an iPhone and Dropbox enabled Platform Space!

Last week we showed you how you can do a remote video workflow between workstations using Dropbox Teams and ProMAX Platform. Now we take it a step further and show you how you can use your mobile device to capture, send and receive files from your remote editors.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

If you are a current Platform user looking to connect to Dropbox, or just want to see how simple it is to set-up. Click here to learn how to connect ProMAX Platform to Dropbox:

  • Easily Manage your Video Storage: Upload and download files between Platform and Dropbox directly on your mobile phone
  • Deliver/ Review offsite projects faster: Don't wait for your film team to return with hard drives or memory cards. Upload files from a mobile device to your local storage or send finished projects from the office for review, directly to a mobile device.
  • No VPN or Additional Hardware Required: Never need a VPN or a physical hard drive to access your media. As long as your team has a Platform and a Dropbox Teams account, you're all connected.

Ready to connect your remote team? Speak to us about Dropbox Workflows

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