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ProMAX DeDupe

Wish you could store 75TB on that 50TB volume?  You can!

ProMAX DeDupe allows you to store more data on your storage space than is available without the use of any compression.

ProMAX DeDupe creates space by 1) Eliminating multiple copies of the same file and 2) Finding blocks of files that are duplicated within unique files and removing the duplicate blocks within a file.

This means you can have 100% unique files and still get the benefit of ProMAX DeDupe.


Here is a screenshot from a 16TB volume with ProMAX DeDupe enabled.  7.45TB are being stored on it, but that data is only taking up 3.5TB of space. All with unique data.

Tech FAQ Video:


ProMAX DeDupe, the newest feature for ProMAX Platform handles this process for you. Once running, the software identifies duplicate pieces of data on your server and creates a pointer file to a single version. Running this process over an entire storage group can provide significant space savings.

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Space savings of up to 60%

Depending on the amount & type of data on your server you can clear out a large amount of space.

Built using proven technology

ProMAX DeDupe is not a new technology. We leveraged deduplication technology that has been used in data centers for over 10 years.  It's fast, efficient, safe & market proven.

Software Upgrade Your Storage Capacity

ProMAX DeDupe is an available paid software upgrade for any ProMAX Platform SSD system, or any ProMAX Nearline/Tier 2 HDD system.

Schedule it to run after hours and it should be done before you start your day.

Go here for detailed system requirements.