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 ProMAX Onboarding:

Onboarding Diagram-1

Day 1:

We got your order! Once we process everything your order will move into production where our engineers will build you system to your teams specifications!

Day 14:

Your system is built! We will run it through our Quality Control process to make sure that everything is up to our standards.

Day 21:

Everything looks great! Your system has passed quality control and is being loaded onto the delivery truck!

Day 24:

Your Platform server has arrived at your location. If you haven't already, we will schedule your install date.

Day 30:

Installation Day is here!! Plan on spending 2-4 hours for set up and basic training on how to use your system. Make sure you double check

your Scope of Work as it may be different based on your set up.

Day 40:

It is time to start workflow training! Session 1 begins today! 


Workflow Training:

This is where you will learn how to set up and use your system to best meet your workflow needs. This is the structure we typically use, but since all workflows are unique we can adjust accordingly to meet your needs.

Day 40 Training Session 1:

This will be your first session or workflow training. During this session we will discuss your current workflow and project structure. From there we will teach you best practices around file system design and organization- user setup and permissions configurations.

Day 47 Training Session 2:

This session will cover how to set up custom Metadata as well as how to utilize advanced search functions.  We will also cover how to pre-configure Metadata for future use.

Day 54 Training Session 3:

During this session we will discuss Data Management and LTO (if applicable). We will cover how to use the data management functions and how to integrate them into the project life cycle.

Day 61 Training Session 4:

This session will consist of a comprehensive workflow review and cover more advanced topics like Proxy Workflows and After Effects rendering. If there are any other topics from previous sessions that you would like to revisit this is the time to cover them.