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Which NAS is BEST for Your Video Team?

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Just because you can shoot a movie on a DSLR, doesn't mean it's your best option.  Storage is no different.

Internal Specs 12G Only, Must have for Video Production 6G & 12G Options
GPU Used for professional Codec Proxy Generation / AE Rendering Used only only for attaching a monitor to the server
Design Focus Video Editing Servers tuned for Sustained Concurrent Performance. General Purpose Servers that can be used for high performance.
Video Editing Tuning NICs & IP Transmission protocol None
24 Bay 24 Core / 12G Internal SAS, designed  Tier 2 only, no 12G Options
Support Team - IT Experience

Average US Support Rep = 8 Years of Experience

Average US Support Rep = 4 Years of Experience

Support Team - Production Experience 100% 0%
Workflow Training 4 Sessions designed to integrate your workflow into our video specific tools - Learn More -

Not Available

Adobe & Avid features Adobe Panels & Avid Bin Locking standard on all servers Not Available
MAM ProMAX MAM availble for fully integrated Index, Metadata & Search. - learn more - Not Available
Intergrated LTO & Cloud Yes - With Video Preview of Archived Assets Cloud Backup Only - No Preview/Metadata integration
Proxy & Transode Yes - w/Support for Professional Video Codecs (ProRes, DNx, R3D, etc.) Not Available
Rendering AE & C4D Rendering Available, Supports in server GPU Not Available
Guaruntee 90 Day 100% Money Back Not Available
Test Drive Available in the US for Video Teams Not Available


Purpose Built for Video Teams

A lot goes into designing the right system.  Purpose built for video teams means every hardware, software, implementation & support decision was made for video professionals.  Not surveillance, not IT, not home theater - but for video professionals.

From hardware that will always be right.  To functionality like being able to create ProRes proxy files.
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Take the "Support Faceoff" Challenge!

Like Proof?  Us too.

Chat each company a question related to video production and see what kind of response you get. Feel free to share the results.

The Right Price

Video focused brands like ProMAX, EditShare & Avid have been the high end tools of professionals for years.

With significantly lower price hardware than ever before we are happy to say you can now get the best of both worlds.  Design for Video Teams & Priced Right!
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