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Compare SNS EVO desktop and rack mounted server capacity and performance to ProMAX Platform.

High Performance Shared Storage Yes Yes
Index, Tag & Search Yes Yes
LTO Backup Yes 3rd Party
Cloud Backup Yes Yes
ProMAX MediaHub vs SNS Prodigy

ProMAX MediaHub

HDD = $4,494

SSD = $6,594

Expandable to 128TB

SNS Prodigy

HDD = $7,999

SSD = "Contact Us"

Does not expand beyond 32TB

128TB Server

ProMAX 16 Bay w/ Complete Workflow Suite

HDD = $20,990

SSD = $29,390


HDD= $48,499*


128 TB

HDD= $9,995

SSD= $18,395


HDD = $34,499*

Summary More Capacity & Performance per dollar, expandable into complex workflows. Great Shared Storage, Really nice MAM interface, requires 3rd Party LTO (adds additional $$). We feel their solution is significantly overpriced


*Prices according to B&H as of 10/25/2019

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HDD Pricing with SSD Performance

Storage space and performance are key for video editors, so why would we make you settle for just good enough? When you're talking about shared storage we know that solid-state drives in the battle between SSDs vs HDDs. 

Many vendors charge 2-3x the price for SSD storage. At ProMAX we sell you SSD storage for less than most vendors are charging for HHDs. Want to compare? Go build your own custom system using our pricing calculator.  

At ProMAX we sell the same way we like to buy, hassle free! We believe in fair and transparent pricing, thats why we post it on our website and so you don't waste time negotiating prices with a salesman.

We do this because we are experts in video workflows and know that SSDs are critical for high-performance video workflows.

Pay for what you'll actually use

Every video team is different, so why should everyone be forced to pay for functionality they don't need?

ProMAX Platform has plenty of amazing software features for video professionals to use but why should we charge you for all of them if you only need a few of them?

That's why we offer several different software suites. These allow video teams to pay for what they need to succeed instead of forcing everyone to pay for a large software package that they'll only use a portion of.

The ProMAX Process & Guarantee

ProMAX is the 1st & only vendor bold enough to give customers a 90-day risk free guarantee.   We believe the risk should be on vendors, not customers.  Luckily, we've had 20 years to dial in our process, so we are pretty sure you'll be happy. ;)