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ProMAX vs LumaForge

Compare LumaForge Jellyfish ShareStation Mobile, Tower & Rack price and features to ProMAX Platform.

  ProMAX LumaForge
High Performance Shared Storage Yes Yes
Index, Tag & Search Yes No
Backup Yes No
Archive Yes - Cloud, LTO & Disk No
64TB Server

ProMAX MediaHub

HDD = $6,494

SSD = $10,694

LumaForge Jellyfish Mobile

HDD = $15,995

160TB Server

ProMAX 24 Bay

HDD = $17,495

SSD = $27,995

LumaForge Jellyfish Tower or Rack

HDD = $49,995

In business Since 1997 2017
Summary More Capacity & Performance per dollar, expandable into complex workflows. Basic Shared Storage.  Good interface but grossly overpriced.  Google "Jellyfish Fryer"


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Faster Together or Faster w/SSD?

Benchmarks are critical, this is why LumaForge and ProMAX publish them.  Ours are awesome.  

LumaForge doesn't differentiate Sustained vs Max performance which is critical in video environments.  LumaForge focus' on marketing friendly Max Performance specs on HDDs.

SSDs are incomparably better with sustained performance for Video Teams. ProMAX charges fair prices so your team can get SSDs.

We do this because we are experts in video workflows and love happy customers.

Get Enterprise Scalability, Not Prices

As you grow sometimes you need to

  • Increase Storage
  • Increase Performance
  • Add functionality like MAM, Backup & Archive
  • Integrated with domain & security policies

However you scale ProMAX has done it before and has you covered.  Fair pricing ensures you have the terabytes & performance you need.  Deep feature sets ensure you'll be able to scale however you need to.

Play the 'Are You Serious?' game.  Talk to a rep at both companies and ask what the cost is on expansion storage.  Just in case you ever want to grow capacity...

The ProMAX Process & Guarantee

ProMAX is the 1st & only vendor bold enough to give customers a 90 day risk free guarantee.   We believe the risk should be on vendors, not customers.  Luckily, we've had 20 years to dial in our process, so we are pretty sure you'll be happy. ;)