ProMAX Cloud Software has arrived!

ProMAX Platform has expanded to the cloud! Using ProMAX Cloud Software, users can perform their normal Backup & Archive as normal but now have the ability to send their footage to the cloud. Our cloud storage solution will use the same Shared Storage system as our Platform servers, giving you access to all your files from anywhere you can access the internet!

The newest media management solution from ProMAX Platform will support cloud licenses for:

  • Backblaze
  • Amazon S3 
  • More coming in May


Simplify your Cloud Workflow


Cloud demo

Why use ProMAX Cloud Software?

  • Organize your cloud files with ease

  • Proxy, tag and search for cloud video files just like they were on your local storage

  • Single Software integration for complete media management 


ProMAX LTO Software helps Fuller Studio Preserve Media for the Future

Fuller_Studio Final